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The author neither belongs, nor identifies himself, nor is associated with any Christian organization or denomination, nor tries to defend any of them, nor this or that school of theology. Instead, he aims to follow Jesus through His words, which are His Spirit, as Jesus said to His disciples, “… the words that I speak unto you, they are Spirit, and they are Life” (John 6: 63) and as the apostle Peter answered, when Jesus asked His twelve disciples, “Will you also go away? … Simon Peter answered him, Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life” (John 6: 67 and 68).

‘Jesus Indeed’ aims to rediscover the message of Jesus, right from Jesus' words as recorded in the gospels, separating His teaching and words from the accumulated traditions and doctrinal additions that took place in the last two thousand years.

It maintains that believers should follow the words of Jesus as revealed in the gospels above the words of any apostle, disciple, follower, religious authority, Christian pundit, or Christian organization in the cases that the words of those parties contradict, reverse or invalidate the words of Jesus.

It provides examples from the epistles of the New Testament where such contradictions took place, including cases in which the apostle Paul contradicted the words of Jesus and resisted the guidance of the Spirit. The book claims that while every word in the Bible is true, not every word applies to those who believe in Jesus, but only the things He said that do.

The book quotes the words of Jesus regarding those that will be forgiven all their sins by God’s grace, the Saved, which also become the children of God and have the right to live in the Kingdom of God, as such. The saved receive all these eternal benefits simply because they believe that Jesus is the Savior, not because of any good deeds they may have done.

In addition, it quotes the teaching of Jesus and of His parables that clearly state that many will be blessed for having done certain good deeds, such as the Meek, the Merciful and others. To them He promises that they will inherit a kingdom in the New Earth of the future plus eternal life. The book shows how from Jesus’ words, it is clear that the Blessed are not part of the Saved, but instead are blessed by God for those good deeds done.

By making the distinction between the Saved and the Blessed, based on the words of Jesus, the book bridges the main differences between those, in one hand, that claim that salvation is obtained only by grace, and those that insist that God will give eternal life to those that do good deeds, in the other hand. (See the section below READ MORE About 'Jesus Indeed')

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Galaxies For Intelligently Designed Minds (Not For Standard Model Dummies)

"Torie's book offers a fully developed concept of how the solar system and spiral galaxies could work in a highly intelligent way."


Reader's Comment

About Jesus Indeed

"Jesus Indeed summarizes what Jesus taught and what He expects of his disciples and general believers. The eBook is very helpful, as it focus on the Lord's teachings rather than on Old and New Testament practices and traditions, or denominational doctrines. It offers also a comprehensive review of the origins and history of the Nation of Israel, the patriarchs and why God offered salvation as a gift and not as a privilege based on ethnicity, family trees or religious observance.
"In the process, it tackles the difference between grace and promised rewards for good deeds, making clear the scope of each of them. Based on the teachings and parables of Jesus, the book clarifies the different messages and answers given to different groups and kinds of people. It identifies the individual and temporal contexts, differentiating them from the universal and eternal message of salvation by grace, offered to all people of all generations."  
"Jesus Indeed is a very enlightening study based on the gospels and worth a careful reading."

Anita M., Germany

Excerpts from Reviews

About Galaxies For Intelligently Designed Minds

"The book criticizes science fiercely. As advertized, some will love it and find it outstanding, but no doubt many or most will hate it. While it is true that the author presents a completely novel and perhaps unique view of the universe, galaxies and solar systems, most of the phenomena have already been explained by science and academics satisfactorily.
"In addition, although Joseph Torie's views claim to be intelligently designed, it is doubtful that even people within the Intelligent Design movement would endorse his unheard concepts, which do away with some of the pillars of established astronomy and cosmology. Perhaps, the book should be included in the genre of science fiction, rather than assuming it has anything to do with science proper."
Alexander T.

"An extraordinary book presenting an intelligent view of the way the universe might work. It is a refreshing and brilliant work with extraordinary proposals, which seem to answer many of the unanswered questions of present astronomy and cosmology.
"The writer, apparently an indie and unconventional Christian author, puts forward explanations that jive with the description of creation in Scripture in a very intelligent way.
"Although I am not a Christian, hats off to this amazing and unusual piece of theoretical cosmology."
A. Morgan, an Intelligent Design advocate

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